Wednesday, June 28, 2017

NY Jets Fire Phil Jackson

It’s official; the Knicks have fired the team’s president Phil Jackson due to a failed partnership.  The news comes right before the start of the free agency which was confirmed this morning.  Knicks fans are now wondering what will happen to the future of their beloved NBA franchise.

According to several sources which include some of the bestsports gambling software in the industry, sportsbook and sports personalities, it comes to no surprise that Jackson was fired considering that he never had a real plan for the Knicks.

Even though Phil Jackson has the reputation of being a “genius coach”, Knicks owner James Dolan that Jackson believes that the team was going nowhere with Jackson which is why “after careful thought and consideration, we mutually agreed that the Knicks will be going in a different direction”. 

Dolan had been a hands-off team owner leaving the team to Jackson’s hands but after he realized that the team was not heading anywhere he agreed to buy out the rest of Jackson’s two year contract.  Even though it is not the norm for an organization to let go it’s main decision making person right before the start of free agency, the Knicks believed that it was the right decision as it could affect their chances in a negative manner during the free-agent market.

One of the reasons in the decision to let go Jackson was that Jackson had been in a feud with Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis and was about to let go one of them.  Since both players are considered stars in the team, this greatly affected the decision.

Of course, having a 80-166 season for the last 3 season did have a major impact on letting Jackson go.

The Knicks are now looking to hire a new president and according to rumors, have been looking at Masai Ujiri who is currently with the Toronto Raptors.  Ujiri who has served as the Raptors’ General Mnager and President of basketball operations for four years would be a blessing for the Knicks.
Ujiri’s work in Toronto has been quite remarkable but he would have his work cut out with the Knicks.

Jakson will leave behind Jeff Hornacek as the head coach for the Knicks who will now be able to run the Knicks’ triangle and is now free to work on his offense that had brought him success while in Phoenix.

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